Fire Everyone, Then Yourself

Take a look at a kitten or Tom Cruise: small is beautiful. The same is true in business: a small company is beautiful, and will always defeat a big company. Place a single kitten in a room with fifty mice, and which do you think will win? It’s a fundamental law of nature.

The reason is communication overhead – the number of people that need to talk to other people – that increases exponentially with the number of employees. The mice spent so long discussing their escape strategy that they didn’t notice the kitten silently sneaking up behind them.

This is the most important factor of success for a business – as my company has single-handedly proven.

Lately, I’ve been wondering how I could further improve this.  It would certainly help if I fired everyone except for me, but I’d still have to communicate with customers and write things down so that I didn’t forget them. Then it struck me: I should fire myself too. With absolutely zero communication overheads, our operational efficiency would skyrocket.

Who knows how much better Apple would be doing now, if they had downsized to one or zero people. Can you imagine the burden of communication overhead their 30,000+ employees are causing?

As obvious as this advice is, Apple will never heed it, of course. It’s a traditional monolithic business that is stuck in its old-fashioned ways.

But be vigilant, mighty Apple mice – this kitten’s on the prowl.

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