Follow The Herd, End Up As Mincemeat

I’ve always appreciated the simple monochrome palette of cows, but I’m ashamed to admit that as a young boy growing up in rural downtown Chicago, my best friend and I would partake in cow tipping.

Dave and I would lay dormant in a ditch, waiting for one of the hue-less beasts to snooze, which they would occasionally do standing up. We would then rush the unsuspecting grayscale dreamer, give it a shove, and it would tumble gawkily to the ground. As we used to quip: it would hit the hay and then it would hit the hay. We’ve always been good with words.

Where’s this story going?” you might ask, to which my initial reaction would be, “Stop interrupting”. After recovering from your insolence, I would explain that there is a lesson to be learnt from this charming, beautifully recollected anecdote.

You are the cow.

There you are all day, doing the same thing, occasionally glancing up to see the rest of the herd with their heads down, so you put your head back down and get on with it. Eventually, the tedium of it all sends you to sleep. And you know what happens when you sleep? Your competitors sneak up and shove you over.

See that pile of steaming dung behind you? That’s what you’ve got to show for all your hard work.

Your software is literally bullshit.

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