Is That a Vertical White Line or a Prostitute?

I had an appendectomy in June 2003.

I wasn’t suffering from appendicitis, and I’d never had any health problems. I made the decision to undergo the procedure so that the scar would constantly remind me to always remove the unnecessary – to simplify.

People overcomplicate everything, even when they don’t realize it.

Pick up a pen and try to draw a circle. I bet that your shape is very slightly elliptical and the line a little wiggly. It’s not that you’re incapable of drawing a perfect circle – after all, it’s the easiest shape to draw – but your brain fights the simplicity and forces you to overcomplicate the task.

It’s amusing when friends show me the latest Grand Theft Auto video game and try to convince me that the lifelike graphics and 5.1-channel soundtrack somehow add to the experience. It’s so satisfying to flop out my old Pong machine and watch their delighted faces as they spend hours enthralled by the simple, horizontally challenged lines.

Sure, they’re probably imagining that the line on the right is a fleeing prostitute and that the slowly traversing white square is a bullet, but that’s fine. Simplicity empowers the imagination.

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